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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

"Aladdin" Diary #6

   (Chuck is directing the First Stage production of Disney's Aladdin, Jr., and checks in with another look behind the scenes.)

   Whew! It was a hectic weekend, wherein a small army of volunteers (including members of the cast and their parents) worked on the set for "Aladdin" (and very nearly has it finished).

   Then on Sunday we held our fundraiser! (Most shows for the children's theatre hold a fundraiser to help offset the high cost of staging a show.) It was a Bowl-A-Thon, where sponsors and pledges raised by the cast made it possible for the cast and their parents to spend a couple of hours bowling at the Strike Zone! Many prizes were given away, lots of pizza was consumed and everyone had a lot of fun! Kudos to our producers - Leslie Comer-Porter and Becky Craig - and their parent volunteers for an amazing job!

   Then Monday night it was back to rehearsals, finally incorporating actual set pieces (including the flying carpet, a massive balcony and some other knick-knacks). The cast continues to amaze as they went off-book (which is to say, they weren't reading off their scripts) and knocked it out of the park!

   Tomorrow, we'll add more bits of business, make a few more adjustments - and take one step closer to the finished show!

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