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Thursday, March 10, 2016

Interview with "A Little Night Music's" Cyndi Mac Fuller

   The beloved Stephen Sondheim musical A Little Night Music takes the stage this weekend as ARTS presents the classic show at the Renaissance Theatre Ballroom.

   So let's talk to some of the performers, starting with the beautiful and talented Cyndi Mac Fuller, who plays a naughty maid.

Q: Tell us about the musical A Little Night Music.

Cyndi: A Little Night Music is about a bunch of indecisive people causing a ruckus in each other’s lives. Everyone is unhappily married so they decide to have a sort of dysfunctional couple’s retreat (with the help of an invitation from a famous actress). There’s lovely singing, BEAUTIFUL costumes, a little waltzing, and an odd version of a quintet. 

Q: What part do you play?

Cyndi: I play Petra, the Egerman’s maid.

Q: What's your favorite song in the show?

Cyndi: I love all the portions in "A Weekend in the Country." It’s a spectacular end to Act 1. My favorite quarrel in the song is between Count Carl-Magnus Malcom and his wife. They are a very stubborn pair.

Q: What's been the most challenging thing about the show?

Cyndi: The most challenging thing about this show has been the time crunch. We came right out of a show ending at the beginning of February into a show opening at the beginning of March. Some people might call that insane…

Q: What makes this show so much fun?

Cyndi: I LOVE LOVE LOVE everyone in the cast. We have all bonded as a little, kooky family. 

   Thanks, Cyndi!

    ARTS presents A Little Night Music by Stephen Sondheim and Hugh Wheeler at the Renaissance Theatre at 900 8th Street on March 11, 12, 17, 18 and 19 at 8 p.m. Tickets are $15 for the show only, and $30 for dinner and the show. Call for reservation 304-733-2787.

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