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Wednesday, July 07, 2010

More Theatre More Often

It seems we're in the middle of a growth spurt for community theatre in Huntington, with more theatre groups operating now - or in the near future - that at any time in the past (that I'm aware of).

This point was driven home with the recent announcement of the newest group in town, the Pullman Plaza Players, and a friend pointing out another group I'd missed that was announced a few weeks ago - here's a clip from that story:
A dinner theater is scheduled to be held the first Saturday of the month starting in August. Mark David, a Scioto County, Ohio, native, is setting up a production studio at 825 4th Ave.

The mystery dinner theater will be held at the new Wesvanawha restaurant, also at 825 4th Ave., in downtown Huntington.

There will be between eight to a dozen cast members involved in the dinner theater productions, he said.

The tickets will cost $25 and be available by the July 4 holiday weekend for the dinner theater productions that start in August, he said.

"We're preselling tickets for the first three productions," he said. In addition to the first Saturday productions, there will be special dates, he said.

David has worked with Alabama Theatre, the House of Blues and the Hard Rock Cafe, according to a press release. The Mark David Entertainment Group is taking bids for contracts in safety, security, sound, construction, editing and set design.

He is planning to open a production studio in the fourth floor of the building at 825 4th Ave.

"We spent nearly two years in research and development for this project and are thrilled to make Huntington our new home," the Friendship, Ohio, native said.
My apologies to one and all for missing that announcement on June 15.

It's amazing to realize how many active groups there are (or will soon be) in town. There's First Stage Theatre, ARTS, Marshall's Theatre Alliance, 5th Avenue Theatre, Huntington Outdoor Theatre, Free Spirit Productions and a few others I've no doubt forgotten to mention.

It's wonderful to have so much variety to choose from, but I wonder, with the economy struggling, if the competition won't put a strain on the existing audience and the pool of talent? Hopefully there's room for all to flourish!

Only time will tell...

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