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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The End of the Summer Season

Generally the community theatre season can be broken up into two "seasons" - the "regular" season (running in the fall and winter, just like the school year) and the "summer" season, which is mostly made up of outdoor theatre groups (though there are plenty of exceptions to both groups).

The summer season has already wrapped up, although August has one more show to offer, as Baby wraps up this weekend (more about that tomorrow).

There are generally a few weeks (if not longer) between the end of summer and the beginning of the fall season, so next week we'll start looking at the upcoming "seasons" for some of the area's community theatre groups.

There are quite a few great shows on tap for the months ahead, including local shows and touring performances.

And if you're involved with a theatre group, please send along any info about upcoming shows to TheMinskers@aol.com and we'll be glad to talk about them here!


Levi Kelley said...

Hey chuck just letting you know Spring Valley Showchoir's got a fall show in the works. "My Fair Ladies". It's basically the songs and story of My Fair Lady with a little preshow before featuring some of Broadway's other Fair Ladies. I'm playing Henry Higgins in it. We'll have more info out later but I just wanted to let you know. :)

Chuck Minsker said...

Levi, be sure to send along info about the show dates and times and we'll promote it on the blog. And congrats on getting the lead!