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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

"Aladdin" Diary #4

   I love work parties!

   An important part of putting on a show is building the set that goes with it.

   For First Stage Theatre, that means putting together work parties to assemble, paint and decorate the set for the musical Disney's Aladdin, Jr.

   One of the big advantages to a children's theatre is that you (hopefully) have a built-in work force to pitch in and tackle that construction effort. But I'm not just talking about the parents of our actors (though we certainly appreciate their help).

   On shows I direct, the cast is actually required to put in a couple of hours working on the set. It's a "win-win" situation - it's a great experience for the young actors, to learn some basic construction skills (everyone should know how to paint, for example). It's also a good lesson - that set doesn't just appear when the cast arrives at the stage. And it gives them the pride of ownership!

   And it's a boost for the show, as we get the work force we need to build the sets (as you see in the photo above of three of our intrepid painters).

   For this show, the effort is organized by three members of the First Stage board - Jack Welch, Hunt Bryan and Mike Barbour. They finalize the design, make sense of my scribbled notes and suggestions, and create the setting for our magical tale.

   They're heroes all!

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