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Thursday, January 01, 2015

Looking for Talented Performers!

   First Church Dinner Theatre is looking for local talent! Here are the details courtesy of my pal Jerry Morse:

   ATTENTION all actors and actresses, would-be or otherwise !

   First Church Dinner Theater 2015 will be a series of comedy sketches all drawn from Dave Barry's book "A Complete Guide to Guys." Performances are scheduled for Friday and Saturday, Feb. 13 and 14, 2015. 
   REHEARSALS ARE STARTING NOW, BUT WE NEED MORE PLAYERS ! We need narrators, male or female, who will not have to memorize. We also need male and female actors, ages young teen on up. They will need to memorize parts for the short individual sketches. PLEASE CONTACT JANE OR JERRY MORSE IMMEDIATELY IF YOU’D LIKE TO PARTICIPATE. 

   Because the sketches can be separately cast, rehearsals for individual sketches can be scheduled to accommodate other player commitments, thus improving your personal chances of participating, right? RIGHT! 

   We’re open to any suggestions from you for potential players. Please let us know, and relay this request to any of your friends, and ask them to contact us for more information as soon as possible, if they're interested in participating. Help us get our 23rd season under way!


For more info, contact:
Jane and Jerry Morse
home - (740) 867-8576
e-mail- sheepshot@netzero.net
cell (304) 654-2964

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