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Thursday, August 27, 2015

An Interview With "Medea" Herself - Joanna Berner Murdock

   As the classic play wraps up this weekend, it’s time to hear from Medea herself!

   It’s just the latest star turn for the incredible Joanna Berner Murdock, who plays the role of a powerful and vengeful woman.

   Here’s our interview with Medea: 

Q: For those not familiar with the show, tell us about Medea.

Joanna: Medea’s husband Jason has betrayed her by marrying the daughter of Creon. During the course of the play we see Medea create a dark plan for revenge - the actions of which send her down a dark path.

Q: How does the show relate to modern-day audiences?

Joanna: Modern day audiences can relate to this play because everyone understands the feelings of a broken heart, anger, revenge, and love. It may be hard to relate to the way Medea deals with those feelings… but that is also what makes this play interesting - how far would you go if you were in Medea’s shoes?

Q: Tell us about the character you play.

Joanna: I play Medea. A woman who feels backed into a corner and chooses to fight her way out, whatever the consequences may be.

Q: Has it been fun, working with an (almost) all-female cast?

Joanna: This has been a wonderful experience. I always enjoy working with ARTS. This is my 3rd year as part of their Company. I love every member of this cast and crew. They are talented, hard-working, hilarious folks - and you need some laughs when dealing with such dark material!

Q: What's your background in theatre?

Joanna: I was a shy kid who got hooked on theatre and never looked back. I have a BFA in acting from UK and I’ve been involved in theatre in some way for most of my life so far, since my first show at age 13.

Q: Why did you want to be part of this show?

Joanna: I wanted to be a part of this show because I wanted to work with Leah Turley, because Greek theatre is interesting, and because I knew it would be a little different than any other experience so far.

Q: Why would you recommend this show?

Joanna: Come see this show! If you don’t I’ll send Medea and her chorus of fierce ladies after you!

   Thanks, Joanna!

   Medea is being presented by Arts Resources for the Tri-State (ARTS). The classic play will be staged on Friday, Aug. 28 and Saturday, Aug. 29 at 8 p.m. on the ARTS Renaissance Main Stage at 900 8th Street in Huntington. Tickets are $15 for the show only, or $30 for dinner and the show. Reservations are required for the dinner - call 304-733-2787. 

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