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Sunday, August 14, 2016

"Full Monty" Interview with Becky McClelland

   Next up in our interviews with the cast of The Full Monty, which starts next weekend at the Renaissance Theatre in Huntington, let’s hear from one of the few women in the cast.
   Here’s the lovely and talented Becky McClelland:
Q: Tell us about The Full Monty.
Becky: The Full Monty is a musical about a group of men who bare it all. Not just physically, but emotionally. These former steelworkers have been out of work for nearly a year and a half. They are questioning their manhood. They are feeling like 'scrap.’ They are desperate, so they are willing to 'let it go' to make some much needed cash and to try to mend their wounded egos.
Q: Why did you want to tackle this show?
Becky: When this show was originally announced I was excited about it, but knew I could not be involved. It's The Full Monty after all! I felt I couldn't be in this show on Saturday night and then greet people as they walk into church on Sunday morning. But then, I read the script. Twice. After the second read I realized that the men actually going The Full Monty was an incredibly minor part of the show. It is so relevant to our area. Besides, it is incredibly funny!
Q: Tell us about the character you play.
Becky: My character's name is Joanie. She is a minor player in this show. All the women are. This show is about the men. The women are mostly there to remind the men that 'it's a women's world.’ We are the ones with jobs. We are the ones making money. And we are spending it any way we want!
Q: The show requires the leads to strip off their clothes - any concerns / fears / trepidation / sheer terror about that?
Becky: Uh. Yes. Let's just all pray that the lights work properly!
Q: Do you have a favorite song or scene in the show?
Becky: The music for this show is amazing. It has such a rock feel that you can't help but want to sing along. I'm expecting we'll get some audience participation for the final scenes and song “Let it Go.” I can promise you the song “Let it Go” that your kids have been singing for so long will disappear from your head and be replaced with this version!
Q: What's your background in theatre?
Becky: I directed children's musicals for about 10 years but had very little acting experience before joining ARTS for Crazy for You almost two years ago. Since then I've acted, costumed (A LOT), built sets, and rounded up props for about 10 shows. It's such a great experience this time being able to act in a show without worrying about everyone else's costumes. I just get to act in this one - and I'm having a blast doing it!
Q: Talk about the cast - brag on one (or more) of your fellow actors.
Becky: If you've ever been to an ARTS show you know that I could brag on my fellow actors for this entire interview. The talent in this company is amazing. This show also features four newcomers to ARTS - Teddy Maddox, Mark Radford, Rick Payne, and Melanie Porter who fit right in and make us even better!
Q: Why would you recommend this show to our readers?
Becky: It's relevant. It's real. It's The Full Monty for goodness sake! 

   Thanks, Becky!

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