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Monday, September 12, 2016

We're Putting the Band Together

   I promised updates on our progress with First Stage Theatre Company's production of School of Rock the Musical: Youth Production (it's a show I'm directing with Huntington's long-running children's theatre), so here's the latest:

   We've been rehearsing now for two weeks, a whirlwind of learning lines, songs and dances for the scenes that make up the show.

   So far the focus has been on Act 1, and we're actually getting close to being able to "run" Act 1. The cast is doing terrific work - they're dedicated and hard-working, and they're picking up the show fast. That's especially impressive since the show has never been staged in this area!

   Another fun element has been putting together the band. For this show, you have five on-stage actors who will play their instruments live - and there are four musicians in the pit orchestra who are also "kids" (meaning they're age 18 or younger).

   Both of those are a "first" for First Stage (no pun intended) - in fact, I don't know if any local theatre group has included actors playing instruments live on stage.

   The band has had a few rehearsals so far, and they already sound amazing - I can't wait to see (and hear) the final product!

   We still have a long way to go - and about eight more weeks of rehearsal ahead - but so far, it's going great!

   More later!

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