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Tuesday, May 09, 2017

Who Stars in "Showcase?"

   Yesterday we talked about Showcase 2017, a special fundraiser / concert / talent show that First Stage Theatre will be staging this weekend.

   The list of performers includes present-day performers, a handful of our talented alumni - and a special performer who is neither!

   Brooklyn Nelson got her start in stage just five years ago in First Stage's The Little Mermaid, and she performed in several other shows before landing a dream role - she was cast in the hit Broadway show Matilda the Musical!

   After a run of a couple of years, that show closed down a few months ago - which was our good fortune, because it meant Brooklyn had a short time between projects in New York to allow her to be part of Showcase!

   She's not really an alumni - she's not old enough! But since she's a professional actor, she can only take part in a benefit concert (with a community theatre group) like this with special permission.

   We're so happy to have her back where she started, if just for a short visit!

   Several other alumni will be joining her on stage, including the amazing dancer / singer Sarah Hayes Navy, actor and singer Maggie Saunders, the powerful singing voice of Evan Price, the versatile and talented singer Levi Kelly, the gifted singer Audrey Fosson, and our most recent graduate, and another terrific singer, Becca Gaunch!

   it's a terrific lineup - but there's more! We'll talk about that - in tomorrow's post.

   Showcase 2017 will be presented on Saturday, May 13 at 7:30 p.m. (one performance only) at the Huntington High School auditorium at One Highlander Way. 

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