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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Cast List for "Will Rogers Follies"

I've neglected to post the cast list for next weekend's production of Will Rogers Follies (and a talented bunch it is!) - so let me correct that oversight:

Will Rogers - Stephen Vance
Betty Blake - Jane Modlin
Clem Rogers - Jim Lamp

Ziegfeld's Favorite - Jocelyn Knapp

The Follies Girls

Jordan Clark
Jillian Clark
Laura Ptakowski
Natasja van Dijk
Abby Willis
Andrea Runge

Wiley Post - Jon Lamp

Stage Manager - Justin Carlson

The Cowboys

Jake Benson
Tom Ross
Remington McClure
Daniel Phillips

Will Rogers, Jr. - Sam Smittle
James Rogers - Jacob Welch
Mary Rogers - Shelby Easter
Freddy Rogers - Hunter Easter


Tera Grasser
Cindy Stowers

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