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Friday, November 12, 2010

"The Good Doctor" - A Review

Hey, I got to see The Good Doctor Thursday night - it's the latest play being presented by the Marshall Theatre Alliance. All I can say is: what a terrific show!

It starts with a great script by Neil Simon, based on humorous stories by Anton Chekhov. The set is amazing (I was so impressed I took a photo of it)! Take all that and add an incredibly talented cast and you end up with a terrific show!

The show is made up of a dozen short stories, woven together into one narrative. Some are funny, some are extremely funny, some are sad and sweet - it's a great mix!

The cast is small (eight in all) but brimming over with talent. Dylan Clark is masterful as the Narrator (the perfect host); Chuck Heardon absolutely kills in three parts (especially as the ultimate ladies man); Ally Jimenez is a riot as a "defenseless" woman; Chelsea Saunders is perfect as the seduced woman who does the unexpected; Ethan Treutle had me on the floor laughing as an old man with a toothache; Christian Whitt gets to play for laughs as a stuffy General and touches your heart with a song that may be too late; Erik Woods is hilarious as the young dentist wrestling with his profession (literally); and Heidi Woodward is a delight as a young woman realizing her lifelong dream at an audition.

Kudos to the directing team, including my pal Clint McElroy, making his directing debut (on the big stage) for Marshall. He's honed his skills in community theatre, and he gets the most out of his cast and crew here - I'm looking forward to his next project!

The large crowd roared with laughter and applause - and you will, too. You have two more chances to catch The Good Doctor - Friday and Saturday night at 8 p.m. - my prescription is: catch it while you can!

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Stephen Vance said...

We snuck in and saw the preview the other night, and loved it. Having worked with both Dylan and Chuck, it was fantastic to see what wonderful performers they've grown to be (and they've always been good). Not only is their comedic timing impeccable, but their ability to control the flow of a show was outstanding. The other piece we haven't stopped talking about was Heidi's audition section. It'll be great to watch her over the next few years.