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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Strike the Set!

After this afternoon's final performance of Once Upon a Mattress, the cast, crew and parents took the stage to strike the set. (Hope you got to see the show - it was terrific!)

After most of the set had been taken apart and moved out of the theatre, I walked back in and saw what you see in this (admitted somewhat fuzzy) photo. About 15 of the young actors from the show were on stage holding up the "Traveler" curtain (it's a black curtain that can be opened and closed like the curtain on a window - left or right, rather than up and down).

The curtain's pretty heavy - about 300 pounds, someone said - but here's the perfect example of teamwork and young people doing a big job. In other words, just like they do on stage every time they put on a show.

In a matter of minutes, the "Traveler" was moved to its proper position and hoisted back into place - but seeing those kids pitching in to tackle such a big job made me smile.

Teamwork and working with your friends - that's what theatre is all about!


Trish Young said...

Samantha said she tried to help do this but she was tooooooooo short. Amy looked at her when she was unable to assist and said "Awwwwwwww....we love you Sam"...hahaha
This was one of the best groups I've worked with to help during strike!!!

Chuck Minsker said...

Hey, I saw Samantha lugging parts of the set out of the building, so she did her fair share! ;-)