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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Busy Days Ahead - and Broadway on Your TV?

  Whew! Apologies for the sporadic posts of late, gentle readers, but your pal Chuck has been swamped lately, working with the incredibly talented cast and crew of Disney's The Lion King, Jr. - the show takes the stage in just 10 days at Huntington's Renaissance Theatre!

  We'll have lots more about that in the days ahead, including interviews with the cast, so watch for that!

   I also wanted to share an interesting story from Variety about a new streaming service - like NetFlix, Hulu and the WWE Network. It plans to offer recordings of live theatre performances!

   According to the story, the service will be called BroadwayHD.

   The service reportedly has a library of more than 100 titles - including Memphis and Jekyll and Hyde.

   You can read more about it right here: http://variety.com/2015/legit/news/broadwayhd-launch-1201625343/#

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