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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Introducing "Theatre Gym!"

I'm running a bit late with this - it's been a crazy couple of weeks helping out with James and the Giant Peach, which wraps up this weekend.

But my pal Bruce Rous sent along this information about a new concept called Theatre Gym, which sounds like a lot of fun!

Here's the info:

"There is no better artistic expression, than that of true collaboration."

"Theatre Gym" is a place to work on your craft as a theatre professional.

It seems we are so often busy getting a show "up" that we don't find time to actually work on our growth as artists. We become a community of "shake-and-stir" summer stock performers, and hope for the best.

"Theatre Gym" is about that missing artistic growth. It is to be a group of like-minded people, all who want to grow as actors, directors, choreographers, dancers, playwrights, musical directors, et al. True artists in the field of theatre, who wish to develop their skills further. It is about exploration and growth.

If you are an actor, there might be a role you'd like to play one day, or a role on which you are currently working. Or a song you'd like to sing. You can work on it here.

If you are a playwright, you might need actors to read your words.

If you are a director or musical director, you might need some more experience working with performers in a safe environment.

If you are a choreographer, you might need dancers to play with.

If you are a dancer, you might want to explore further your abilities.

This will be a safe environment for you. There will not be a performance. This is not a class, there will not be a teacher, only a facilitator, who will help guide the group in collaboration. You are responsible for choosing your own material, with help from the facilitator, only as necessary.

If this form of artistic collaboration sounds appealing, please email the facilitator, Bruce Rous, at theatregym@gmail.com. A $10 donation is suggested for each weekly group.

Saturday at 1 p.m. is full with a waiting list. There is a new GYM group forming at 3 p.m. on Saturdays. High School Thespians are invited.

Classes will be held at Highlawn Presbyterian Church at 28th and Collis Avenue, just beside St. Mary's.
Sounds like a great idea - thanks, Bruce!

1 comment:

Bruce said...

Chuck, thank you so much for posting this! We're having a great time with "Theatre Gym." I am really excited about what it might become, as we learn and grow together. We have room again in the Saturday @ 1pm gym. Participants don't have to attend weekly, but they should get in touch with me when they'd like to attend. Thanks again for all you do for local theatre!!! We all appreciate you.