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Monday, September 20, 2010

Looking for a Showgirl and More News

Some assorted news and notes from the world of community theatre:

- I ran into my pal Bil Neal the other day - he's directing Will Rogers Follies for ARTS - and he tells me they need one more Showgirl for the upcoming production. So if you're a girl, you can sing and dance and you're interested in being part of a terrific show, give Bil a call at 304-733-2787. You'll have lots of fun!

- I mentioned yesterday that James and the Giant Peach takes the stage this weekend at the Renaissance Center (the same place Will Rogers Follies will be staged), but "James" is just one of three shows on stage this busy weekend ahead. You can also catch the last weekend of Steel Magnolias at the City Hall auditorium, and you can catch the opening performance by the Pullman Plaza Players as they present the hilarious show, The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee. All three shows are highly recommended - you can see one a day and enjoy a full weekend of theatre!

- Lots more news on the way soon, including upcoming seasons for more community theatre groups, one group's search for a new home, and something called Theatre Gym!

Stay tuned!


Bil Neal said...

How kind of you! The Search for a Showgirl continues.....

Chuck Minsker said...

I looked at the headline and realized someone might think that I was looking for a Showgirl. Somehow I don't think my lovely wife would go along with that. I'm mean, she's forgiving and all that, but there are limits!

Good luck, Bil!

Anonymous said...

But even that would be more forgivable than if you were looking for the movie "Showgirl." - Your Lovely Wife!

Chuck Minsker said...

Ha! Darlin', there's only one Showgirl for me - and you're it!