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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Jim-Bob Williams' Choices for the "Best of 2015"

    Here's our second list from our readers - these are the shows chosen by Jim-Bob Williams as the "Best Community Theatre Shows of 2015!" Here's his comments:

   Well, I didn't see all of them and I may be biased based on my circle of friends, but

1. Twilight Zone - to think Appalachian Arts Collective was THE FIRST IN THE WORLD to dramatize Twilight Zone... and it debuted in St. Albans at the Alban Arts Center... is a mind blower. Kudos to Leah Turley et al!

2. Medea - Wowsers. The impact of dropping jaws could be measured with a seismometer.

3. Jekyll and Hyde by Kanawha Players. Powerful production with a minimal set. 

4. Brilliant Traces byAlban Arts Center. From the moment Adam Bryan wakes up and startles the audience, very intense and... brilliant.

5. Bell Book and Candle - Jenna Skeen was an awesome lead.

6. A Midsummer Night's Dream - Marlette Carter brings youngsters and veterans together with a musical finale by Qiet. 

7. Into the Woods - No one will forget the giant's appearance.

8. Vintage Hitchcock by Kanawha Players. if only to see Bill Rainey's homage to Hitchcock

9. No Pants Players - okay, it's all unscripted but they bring folks to the theater!

10. The Lion in Winter by Limelight Theater, Charleston. Highlight of the winter!  

   Honorable Mentions: Dearly Departed, Our Town, Dr Dolittle, It's A Wonderful Life, Catch & Release and Murder at the Cafe Noir (a great dinner theater production).

   All told I spent over $ 500 on tickets in 2015 for productions in Huntington, St Albans, Nitro, South Charleston and Charleston. Saw everything from radio plays to Shakespeare. Saw a world premiere. Great payback in entertainment value for investment in a small metropolitan area (basically a 60 mile stretch of I-64 or Route 60)! Thanks especially to the Herald-Dispatch for great coverage and keeping the community informed of auditions and performances.

   Have a happy new year - and may we see legs broken all over the area in 2016!


William Hannah said...

I guess Theater doesn't exist outside the Great Huntington/Charleston talent bubble or is it because our media outlets are located there?

Chuck Minsker said...

William, we try to cover as much theatre as humanly possible in the Tri-State area - that includes Kentucky, Ohio and West Virginia. We're really blessed to have so many great theatre groups out there. The one down side is that it makes it difficult to see everything. I hope you'll share your own list of shows you liked in 2015!