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Tuesday, December 15, 2015

New Works Festival Winners

   ARTS wrapped up its first New Works Festival this weekend, and sent along this announcement listing the winners:
   The first ARTS New Works Festival & Film Competition are over, and what an incredible two weeks it has been! We had over 28 plays performed in four days AND had our first 72-Hour Film Contest, complete with screenings and an award ceremony! 
   Quite a few of the writers joined us over the two weekends, including our visiting professional, Mickey Fisher (creator of EXTANT on CBS - if you couldn't make it out to see his script read or sit in on his talkback and discussions, you really missed an incredible opportunity). We were so lucky to be able to have someone who is actively in our business of creating art in Hollywood share his craft, his stories and his tips on filmmaking, playwriting, screenwriting and more - thank you, Mickey!
    Other writers included Jon Joy, Mike Murdock, Richard Cavendish, Sarah Diamond Burroway, Rosa Storey, Philip Kaplan and more! 
   Here are our Festival winners, as chosen by anonymous audience vote:
Best Short Play: "KEYS" by ROSA STOREY
Best One-Act Play: "STEPS" by LEN TRENT
Best Full Length Play: "MEAT" by DAN SHEA
   Each year ARTS will give at least one Director's Choice Award, voted on by the ARTS Festival Staff, as well. This year's winner: Director's Choice Award: "THE MARGINAL WAY" by MICKEY FISHER
   Film Contest Winners, as judged by Mickey Fisher and the ARTS Festival Staff:
2nd Place: "IN SIN AND ERROR PINING" directed by IAN NOLTE
3rd Place: "THE GLACS" directed by ANDREW BROWN
   Congratulations again to our winners, and thanks to all who participated in the festival, whether you were in the audience, a director, a reader or a writer, we hope you enjoyed the first of what we hope are many more New Works Festivals to come!
   What an amazing way to finish the 2015 season. We can't wait for 2016! We have a knock-out season of shows and even more exciting surprises ahead!

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