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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Local Baker Zach Davis in TV Cooking Contest

   Zach Davis grew up on local stages, and these days the father of three makes his living cooking for the local bakery Fannie's Sweet Confections (in his spare time, he also acts and directs).

   Hopefully his theatre training came in handy when he took part in a recent cooking competition! The results have been a closely-held secret, but we'll all find out what happened on New Year's Eve when the show airs. 

   Here's the press release with all the info:   

   Local Bakery to be featured on The Cooking Channel Owed by Food Network on Friday, Dec. 31!  
   Fannie's Sweet Confections located in Huntington on US Rt 60 in the K-Mart Plaza will be on a TV near you!
   Baker Zach Davis and Owner Tina Francis will appear alongside one another in an upcoming episode of the new series Sugar Showdown on the Cooking Channel Dec. 31 at 9:00 p.m. 

   Sugar Showdown is a new compition series based off the popular show Donut Showdown. It is hosted by celebrity Josh Elkins, with a rotating panel of celebrity judges.  The show pits three teams of two-against-one-another in two rounds of intense timed baking with mystery ingrediants.

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