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Saturday, January 16, 2016

"As You Like It" Interview with Becky McClelland

   Coming up next week is the first show in the new season for ARTS - and they’re kicking off with a classic comedy, William Shakespeare’s As You Like It!

   We have some interviews with the cast and crew to share with you in the days ahead - and let’s start with Becky McClelland, who works double duty in the show: 

Q: Tell us about Shakespeare’s As You Like It.

Becky: Having never experienced Shakespeare in any way. (Right?! I never read it in high school!) I was expecting a very dry show that no one would be able to understand. I was quite wrong! This show is funny with some beautiful moments.

Q: How does the show relate to modern-day audiences?

Becky: It's very relevant to today! You've got the whole boy-meets-girl-and-falls-madly-in-love thing. The man who hates his brother for no apparent reason (that happens twice!). Women lusting over men. Oh - and the girl who dresses like a guy making the other guy fall for him (her?) before realizing he was a her after all. Simple, right?

Q: Tell us about the character you play or your position on the crew.

Becky: I play the part of LeBeau. I am the attendant of Duke Fredrick who is a complete jerk. As a result, I am not a big fan of his, but I know enough not to let him know that. I do, however, go behind his back to let out a couple of his secrets though. In this end, I feel my character has been lost in Duke Fredrick's shadow for so long she takes full advantage of the attention she gets (when she finally gets some!). Anna Baker, our costume designer, and I costumed this show primarily of costumes we built by hand. We had a great time shopping for fabrics and I have really learned a lot from Anna about the customs and costumes of the time period!

Q: What's your background in theatre?

Becky: Prior to joining ARTS in October 2014 I had done no theater outside of my church where I had the honor of performing in a four-character dinner theater a couple of times. 

Q: Tell us about the cast.

Becky: As always, I believe we have a great cast for this show! One 'bright spot' in this show for me is Robert Hutchens who brings me nearly to tears each time he gives his 'All the world is a stage' monologue.

Q: Why did you want to be part of this show?

Becky: It's a show at ARTS! Why wouldn't I want to be a part of it?

   Thanks, Becky!

   As You Like It by William Shakespeare will be presented at the ARTS Renaissance Ballroom at 900 8th Street in Huntington on Jan. 22, 23, 28, 29 and 30 at 8 p.m. Tickets are $15 for the show only, and $30 for dinner and show - for dinner, you must make a reservation by calling 304-733-2787.

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