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Friday, July 01, 2016

Post #3000!

   It's one of those milestones that only I care about - but I wanted to make note of this post, since it's number 3,000!

   The Tri-State Theatre Blog got its start almost 10 years ago (!!!) when Herald-Dispatch reporter Dave Lavender called to see if I knew anyone who'd like to write a theatre blog for Huntington's newspaper. I replied, "You mean someone besides me?"

   I jumped at the chance, because I'd been wanting to try my hand at blogging - and I'm a big supporter of Huntington's Community Theatre groups (and there are many), and I thought it was a good way to help get out the word about local shows.

   It's been fun, and the response by readers has been gratifying. I hope to keep going for at least a few more years - as always, send along any photos or information about local theatre shows, upcoming auditions or anything else you'd like to see in this space (it's here to support the community, after all).

   You can send info in by the comment link below or email it to me at TheMinskers@aol.com.

   I wanted to express my thanks to: editor Andrea Copley-Smith, who tolerates me, watches over my ramblings and makes sure this blog stays on target; to my lovely wife, Jeanette, for her advice and support - and for putting up with my efforts to keep up with (and write about) theatre; and to you, our gentle readers, for following along and supporting theatre in the area.

   (So let's see... 3,000 posts in 10 years... that works out to about 300 posts a year... or a total of about 1,200,000 words written! Yikes!)

    Enough reminiscing - on to the next post!

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