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Thursday, June 30, 2016

"Still Buffering" with Lin-Manuel Miranda

   It's always great to see hometown stars enjoying great success - and that's just what's happening with the three Smirl sisters!
   Dr. Sydnee Smirl McElroy, Teylor Smirl and Rileigh Smirl are sisters who have grown up acting and working in community theatre shows in Huntington, and now they have their own podcast - Still Buffering, a very funny show that's all about being a teenager. 
   The show centers around discussions of what being a teen was like for Sydnee and Teylor - and what it's like now for Rileigh. The show's catch phrase is "I am a teenager... and I was too."  
   In their latest edition (which you can find right here) they're joined on the show by the Tony-winning creator of "Hamilton," Lin-Manuel Miranda - and he's a fan of their podcast! How awesome is that? 
   It's always a great show - check it out!

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