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Monday, February 09, 2015

A Setback for ACTC

   It's been a rough week in theatre news, especially in Ashland, where the theatre department at Ashland Community and Technical College suffered a major loss.

   The theatre department had stored decades worth of sets, props and costumes in a nearby house owned by the school - but the school was apparently forced to destroy the home and the materials stored inside because of an infestation of black mold and asbestos.

   Most theatre companies depend of their materials in storage to keep costs down on future shows - it saves a lot of money when you can use existing costumes, re-use sets or furniture. It can really make the difference between turning a profit or losing money on a show.

   But don't think this is anything more than a temporary setback at ACTC - the school is already promising that its theatre department will continue.

   They'll just have to start the process of collecting "stuff" all over again.

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