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Saturday, October 25, 2008

"Clue, The Musical" - A Review

I haven't had a chance to see the show yet, but my lovely wife Jeanette attended the dress rehearsal Thursday night, and here's her review of Clue, The Musical:

One of the most popular American board games is Clue. How many of us remember the delicious sense of triumph after correctly deducing that Mr. Boddy was done in by Colonel Mustard in the conservatory with the candlestick?

My own family has enjoyed various incarnations of the Clue experience over the years, including a children's book series and a video game version. Now, thanks to Arts Resources for the Tri-State (ARTS), audiences can play along with the musical stage version of the Parker Brothers game, which opened Friday at the Renaissance (Old HHS) in Huntington.

In addition to being treated to the animated performances of the musically talented cast, each theatre-goer receives a play-along form before the curtain opens. A whole new level of fun is added as Mr. Boddy appears throughout the play to provide clues, which are different at each show - resulting in 216 possible endings. Even better, there's a special prize at the end for the audience member who has correctly checked off the weapon, room and character pegged to the dastardly deed.

"TV's own" meteorologist Marina Jurica shines as the sultry Miss Scarlet, joined by a solid cast of suspects - Jazzy Dodson as Mrs. White, Miles Klein as Professor Plum, Todd Preston as Mr. Green, Karen Pruitt as Mrs. Peacock, and David Mize as Colonel Mustard. Mr. Boddy is played by Nathan Cron, and the detective by Rachel Mize. The vocals are solid, the choreography sophisticated, and hilarity often ensues as Mr. Boddy is pursued in a fashion resembling a Bugs Bunny cartoon.

Saturday's performance offers the option of a pre-show dinner. Clue, The Musical provides a great time for adults of any age, and I can imagine a thrilling experience for a sleuthful kid to enjoy with a favorite grown-up.

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