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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Set the Stage, Light the Lights!

Whew! Your friendly neighborhood blogger is a bit tuckered out today - that's because Saturday was "Load-in" day for Peter Pan, which is being presented by the First Stage Theatre Company.

For about two months now, parents and cast members have spent their spare moments working on the gigantic set for that show, which includes a bedroom set, a lair for Peter Pan and the Lost Boys, and a Pirate Ship!

It may very well be the biggest set First Stage has assembled (though it's difficult to be sure, since they all take different shapes). It took three trips in a rental truck to move the set to the new Huntington High School, where the show will be presented starting next Friday (Oct. 31).

Before the set was loaded onto the stage, crews had already installed the flying gear which allows cast members to soar through the air - it was fun to see them practicing.

Thankfully, we had quite a few parents helping out with the loading and unloading of the set, and assembling the whole thing - it's a huge job.

But kudos have to go out to the four who did the lion's share of the work - namely, Jack, Tim and Aaron, who took on the massive construction job and did incredible work, and Pat, who did even more amazing work painting and decorating the set pieces. Those four put forth a superhuman effort, and deserve medals.

Lots of others helped, and kudos to them, too. As I always say, theatre is a team effort, and it takes a lot of people working together to bring together the many elements needed to put on a show.

The cast gets to take a bow at the end of the show - but lots of others deserve some of that applause, too. Here's to them!


Evan Minsker said...

Congrats on load-in. Now all you have to do is skip town before strike.

Chuck Minsker said...

Evan, If only I were clever enough to do that! But then who would drive the truck?

It's going to be a great show - wish you could see it!