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Monday, October 27, 2008

Peter, Pan and Mary

Yesterday we talked about the load-in for Peter Pan, which will be presented over the next two weekends at (the new) Huntington High School, starting Friday, Oct. 31.

As the cast and crew put the final touches on the show, I just wanted to take a moment to say that none of it would have been possible without a great directing team. We'll talk more about them this week, but today I have to single out my pal Mary Smirl, who's the director of the show.

Mary's a veteran of the First Stage Theatre Company (one of the few who have been on the advisory board longer then your truly), and she has handled virtually every job community theatre can throw at you, including making costumes, tracking down props and building sets.

But her biggest jobs have been choreographing shows like Cats, Seussical the Musical and Honk, and directing shows like Schoolhouse Rock Live, A Christmas Carol, and now Peter Pan.

Directing any show can be challenging, but a show like Pan is a major undertaking - it combines great songs, dancing, acting, flying (yes, flying) and a huge cast. Coordinating all that, figuring out the solution to a hundred different problems, and getting it all to come together on stage is a herculean task - and Mary has handled it with great skill, always with an eye on how to make the experience even better for the young people involved.

My hat is off to her and the rest of her directing team for a job well done! More on the other members of the team in the days ahead.

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