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Sunday, August 19, 2007

Yesterday's Stars on Public Access TV

Here's some information from Richard Bartram about a show coming up that local residents might remember.

He writes:
This may be of some interest to the local theatrical community. The movie being broadcast Tuesday night on Public Access featured several performers from Huntington's past. It will be a one-day only broadcast, so anyone wishing to get a peek at some of the theater veterans from the 60s should tune in or set their recorders.
And here's the press release announcing the broadcast:
Huntington Television Premiere of "Teen-Age Strangler" On Comcast Cable Channel 20

The 1964 cult classic, Teen-Age Strangler, will have its Huntington television premiere on Tuesday, August 21, 2007. The film will air at 8:00 p.m. on Huntington Comcast Cable Channel 20 (Huntington Public Access Television).

Independently produced in 1964 by Original VI Productions, which was made up of a group of Huntington investors, Teen-Age Strangler was released to theaters in 1967 as part of a double-bill with the Hershell Gordon Lewis exploitation flick, A Taste of Blood. The film developed cult status in the 1980s when it was 'rediscovered' and eventually given a comedic thrashing on Mystery Science Theater 3000.

Though produced locally, 'Strangler' was never seen in a Huntington theater until 1994.

The Huntington television broadcast of Teen-Age Strangler is courtesy of Mike Vraney, whose company, Something Weird Video, markets the film on DVD.

Teen-Age Strangler is the subject of a documentary currently in production. If viewers have any personal connections or information regarding the film, they are encouraged to contact the producer via email at: rbartram@zoomnet.net.

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